Academic Committee of China Institute for Urban Governance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Release time:2019-09-06 10:00:00

Meric Gertler      
President of the University of Toronto, Canada 

Executive Deputy Director:
Zhong Yang 
Visiting Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Shanghai Jiaotong University 

International Committee: 
Anthony Saich 
Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Director of the Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Ash 

Ali Modarres 
Director of City Research, University of Washington (Takma Campus), Chief Editor of Cities 

Richard Walker 
Associate Dean and Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong 

Lan Zhiyong
Professor of the School of Public Administration, Arizona State University, and a special expert of the National Thousand Talents Program 

Wu Fulong 
Professor of Bartlett Planning, University College London 

Domestic Committee: 
Chen Zhenming 
Dean, Professor, School of Public Affairs, Xiamen University 

Gao Xiaoping 
Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Administrative Management 

Geng Yong 
Dean and Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Gu Haiying 
Professor, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Hou Yongzhi 
Minister of Development Strategy and Regional Economic Research, Development Research Center of the State Council 

Liang Hong
Dean, Professor, School of Social Development and Public Policy, Fudan University 

Liu Shilin 
Dean and Professor, Urban Science Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shi Nan
Vice President of the International Society of Urban and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), Vice President and Secretary General of the China Urban Planning Association

Sun Fuqing
Director, Department of Economic Research, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences 

Wu Jiannan 
Director, Department of Arts and Cultural Construction, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Ye Bifeng
Director and Professor, Institute of Law, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences 

Xue Lan 
Dean and Professor, School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University 

Zhu Dajian 
Professor of School of Economics and Management of Tongji University 

Zhu Guanglei 
Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Nankai University 

Xinjian Building,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China