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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Postdoctoral Team Reform

Release time:2019-09-09 16:21:00

In order to further promote the strong strategy of the school's talents, give full play to the role of the post-doctoral team in the research team, and the role of the reserve army and reservoir in the construction of the talent team, attract more outstanding doctoral graduates to work in our postdoctoral research team, and achieve the quality of the post-doctoral team double upgrade, Jiao Tong University will implement the following measures:


I. Open up a post-doctoral long-term employment channel and implement flexible working hours

1. Encourage the selection and recruitment of long-term faculty members from outstanding post-doctors. Excellent post-doctors, those who meet the long-term employment conditions of our school, can apply directly for long-term employment.

2. Encourage post-doctors to work for long term. The first phase is 2-4 years, and the second phase is up to 6 years.


II. Improve post-doctoral treatment and create a competitive work environment



1. Improve post-doctoral remuneration: The annual salary of the post-doctoral fellowship will increase by 50,000 yuan, the housing subsidy will increase by 12,000 yuan, and the total salary will be up to 242,000 yuan.


2. Added Chenxing Post-Doctor Incentive Plan

The target is an outstanding doctoral graduate who has the potential to become a long-term teaching staff.

On the basis of the original salary, each person increases by 40,000 yuan per year.

In the same situation, candidates has priority in the assessment of the application for tenure track.


III. Strengthen post-doctoral management and improve assessment and evaluation mechanisms



1. Adjust management mode: incorporate post-doctoral management into the organizational personnel management system. The actual work college/research institute is responsible for the daily management of postdoctoral work.


2. Improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism:

Strengthen various types of assessment management, and each college/research institute and mobile station shall formulate academic requirements and assessment methods for entering the research station according to the characteristics of the discipline.

Added assessment of the postdoctoral work of the college/research institute, evaluated all the Mobile post-doctoral stations and the college recruiting post-doctors without stations, and included the evaluation results into the assessment content of the college.

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