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Shanghai Jiao Tong University China Institute for Urban Governance Is Looking for Talents at Home and Abroad

Release time:2019-09-09 16:20:00

In response to the needs of the development of the times, the China Institute for Urban Governance, in response to the call for national construction, was co-built by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Development Research Center with the support of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It aims to build a new type of think tank with internationally renowned and Chinese characteristics, a gathering place for outstanding talents and a high-end international exchange and cooperation platform.


Time flies, three years have passed. The Institute has not forgotten its initial thoughts, and has continuously explored and optimized the construction ideas of decision-making influence, academic influence, international and domestic influence, talent attraction and institutional mechanism influence, and played a leading role in the field of urban governance research.


The China Institute for Urban Governance has been striving to shape the organizational culture of equal respect and mutual achievement, particularly willing to create opportunities and resources for the growth of young talents so that independent and mature researchers can learn from each other and grow together in an inclusive and fair atmosphere. The Institute's good platform and material treatment will provide a reliable guarantee for the career of scholars. The institute now has its own independent reference channel Jue Ce Can Kao; the self-built data support platform K. Wah Big Data Centerhas a variety of data samples related to urban governance; the self-built case center has the best practice cases of the first-hand Yangtze River Delta urban governance.


The Institute, in order to carry out organized research work, now facing overseas and different disciplines, invites scholars from a wide range of universities who can focus on urban governance research. Whether you are interested in a full-time researcher position or a post-doctor, we will be eager to hear from you.



I. Recruitment Direction

Research Directions: Sociology, Finance, Environmental Science And Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Systems Science, Software Engineering


II. Recruitment Plan and Job Requirements


1. 2 High-Level Talents

? A professor/researcher title at a well-known university or research institution at home or abroad; or a senior position in an international organization;

? A forward-looking, interdisciplinary cognitive vision that focuses on the latest developments in urban governance;

? Deep knowledge in the field of urban governance, with groundbreaking and influential research results;

? Relevant experience in conducting organized research with remarkable results


2. 2 Young Core Talents

? An associate professor/deputy researcher at a well-known university or research institution at home and abroad;

? An interdisciplinary cognitive vision, focusing on the latest developments in urban governance;

? Relevant experience in conducting research with participating research teams, and playing an important role in the team

? Outstanding academic achievements in the field of urban governance, with influential research results.


3. 2 Assistant Research Fellows

? Ph.D., or a post-doctoral experience at a well-known university at home and abroad;

? An interdisciplinary cognitive vision that focuses on the latest developments in urban governance;

? First-class academic research capabilities, with a clear research direction and outstanding academic results


4. 5 Post-Doctors

? Generally under 35 years of age;

? With a doctoral degree generally less than 3 years;

? A high academic level and strong scientific research capabilities


III.  Job Responsibilities

? Mainly engaging in academic research and policy research in the field of urban governance, based on in-depth and solid research, forming policy research reports and policy recommendations with higher quality;

? To publish high-level academic papers, books, etc.;

? To host or participate in academic exchange activities at home and abroad, form or participate in relevant research teams;

? To preside over or participate in the completion of various research projects undertaken by the Institute, and to provide available sources for the Institute's Jue Ce Can Kao;

? To undertake other work required for the development of the Institute


IV. Application Documents and Deadlines

Applicants are requested to provide detailed resumes, academic degree certificates, representative academic achievements (published papers, monographs, policy advisory reports and policy recommendations, etc., no more than 10), future work plans and other materials.


Note: Please make a PDF file with the catalogue and page number in the above order, and send it to the designated e-mail address below, and indicate in the subject of the email: Name + Apply for the High-level Talents/Young Key Talents of China Urban Governance Research Institute/ Other outstanding talents / postdoctoral."





V. Remuneration

The Institute provides competitive remuneration packages, research start-up fees and housing subsidies for employed personnel. Provide the economy class airfare to and from Shanghai for the overseas applicants who entered the interview.


VI. Contact information

Contact: Mr. Xu

Contact number: +86-21-62934788;


Xinjian Building,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China