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Professor Wu Jiannan, Executive Vice President of Our School, Visited the University of New South Wales, Australia with His Team

Release time:2019-04-23 13:11:00

Professor Wu Jiannan, Director of the Department of Arts and Construction of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Executive Vice President of the China Institute for Urban Governance, and Dr. Yu Junli visited the University of New South Wales, Australia on April 15th. They have conducted in-depth exchanges on urban governance, cross-border governance, and social policies. The two sides shared the resources and research status of scholars in their respective fields, which laid an important foundation for further collaborative research.

On the morning of April 15, Professor Wu Jiannan and his team held three symposiums to introduce the construction of the liberal arts in Shanghai Jiaotong University and the background, construction progress and future focus of the China Institute for Urban Governance, respectively with Dorottya Fabian, Associate Director of International Cooperation and Education, University of New South Wales (Sydney Campus), Anthony Zwi, Sarah Cook and Jing Zhao, School of Social Sciences, Catherine Bridge, School of Environmental and Environmental Sciences, Kylie Valentine and Karen Fisher, Center for Social Policy Research, Bingqin Li and Limin Mao, Future City Research Center Bill Randolph, etc.

On this basis, they compared the experience of cross-border governance at home and abroad, hoped to bring together the wisdom of many countries. They focused on solving the specific problems China has encountered in regional development strategies and urban agglomerations, put forward academic insights and policy recommendations, and gave full play to think tank decision-making functions.

On the afternoon of April 15, Professor Wu Jiannan made a special report on “The Best Practices of Urban Governance in the Yangtze River Delta Region: Selection, Characteristics and Highlights”. Nearly 30 experts, scholars and practitioners from the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, and the Sydney area attended the report. Professor Wu Jiannan compared the research status of international urban best practices, introduced the selection process of the first best practice case of urban governance in the Yangtze River Delta, analyzed the classification and characteristics of best practices, and shared the best case of “Nanjing Public Opinion 110”. He also presented the theoretical and practical value of its operational mechanism, superior results and replicable experience. The report will achieve the intended results, and the heated discussion between the two sides will help strengthen the academic research of best practice cases and gain a lot of inspiration for the best case selection in the future.

Professor Wu Jiannan and Dr. Yu Junli held further talks with Bill Randolph of the Future Urban Research Center and Bingqin Li of the China Social Research Center, and exchanged views with local researchers on the interconnection of the Greater Sydney Action Plan and the development of the Yangtze River Delta. This visit is not only a strategic deployment of the school's international cooperation, but also an exploration of the Institute's further concise academic direction and singing of the Chinese story. It has achieved good results and promoted future multilateral cooperation.
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