He is the law professor of the Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU). He is the first chairman of Shanghai Big Data Social Application Association, the director of Corporate Legal Affairs Research Center, the director of Legal Bid Data Institute and the chief editor of International Business Law Review of SJTU, the director of Jiahua Bid Data Centre of China Institute of Urban Governance.

In addition, he is also the General Counsel or Senior expert as follow:

China Corporate Social Responsibility Think Tank

China Regional Rule of Law Think Tank

China Legal Affairs Institute

China Supreme Court Justice Studies Group

Shanghai Government

Shanghai High Court Think Tank

Shanghai Association of Corporate Counsel Association

Shanghai Association of Non-state Corporate Counsel

He was invited to speak at international conferences by the institutes of America, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Britain, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and also invited to speak at Summits by the Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Shanghai Government and several famous university.

Especially, he initiated several influential legal summits or international conferences cooperated with American Bar Association, Duke Law School, MIT Computer Science and AI Experiment, George Town Law School, Emory Law School, Legal Daily, Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, Hong Kong Bar Association, Asian Legal Business and Taiwan University.


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